When a pregnant client begins working with us we focus on prenatal care.  This includes making sure she goes to the doctor, providing gas cards for transportation, and teaching classes on what to expect when you are expecting.


AS SHE GETS CLOSER TO HER DUE DATE we help her to be as well prepared as possible for labor, delivery and caring for a newborn.  From our safe sleep classes to creating a birthing plan, we stand beside our client as she enters this new phase of her life.

ONCE THE BABY ARRIVES, new parents need even more support.  Many of our clients do not have good parenting role models, so we fill that gap for them.  Our curriculum covers topics such as bonding with your baby, taking care of yourself, breastfeeding, how to handle/bathe/feed your baby, and child development throughout the first year.

FATHERS ARE IMPORTANT TOO. At PLL we believe that the father’s role is very important, regardless of whether he and the mother are still in a relationship.  We have a Man2Man program where experienced dads help new dads to understand their role, work out a parenting relationship, and learn how to discipline lovingly. These young men are also our clients and participate in the “earn while you learn” program.

Everything that we do is free to our clients – this is made possible by your generous donations.

 Our Services Include:

  • Pregnancy Tests
  • First Trimester Ultrasounds
  • Prenatal Education
  • Parenting Education
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Practical Fatherhood Curriculum
  • Referrals (Adoption, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, etc.)
  • Material Help (Diapers, etc.)
  • Adoption Support
  • Safe Sleep Program
  • Sexual Health Education
  • American Heart Association CPR & First Aid
  • STI Information, Testing and Treatment