Baby Face

Our Clients Face Many Challenges


While we serve anyone who wants our help, most of our clients are from Stone County, Missouri.  Stone County is a rural community with large pockets of generational poverty.  A pregnant woman may not feel that she has the capabilities or resources to raise a child.  Often she is a single parent, and options other than parenting may seem easier.  PLL is there to help her understand her options and to provide her with the support that she needs to become a parent.

PARENTING ROLE MODELS in our area are not ideal and many of our clients may not know how to take care of a baby’s physical and emotional needs.  Because we work with each client individually, we can identify the areas of greatest need and help them to set and attain goals that make the most sense for that client.

TRANSPORTATION is a big problem in Stone County.  Many of our clients do not have working cars and often must rely on a family member to get them to prenatal doctor appointments and our classes.  We provide gas cards to help defray the cost of getting to these important appointments.

FATHERS also play an important role in a child’s development, and many of our clients are no longer in a relationship with the father of their baby.  Nevertheless that father has a role and responsibilities.  Our male mentors work with the fathers to help them understand their role and help them work out a supportive relationship with their child. Many of our clients were raised in homes without an active father, and they simply don’t know what being a good father entails.  We stand beside them to help them grow as a dad and as a person.